Cuphead Fans Get Ready: Don’t Deal with the Devil

Cuphead Fans Get Ready: Dont Deal with the Devil

Ayla Faullin

In September 2017, a new game with a nostalgic style came into the gaming community. Cuphead drew many people in with its old-fashioned art and its unique story. Two tiny cups, Cuphead and Mugman, go off searching for adventure. They were failing to heed the warnings of Elder Kettle, and the two stumble into trouble, betting their souls against the devil and losing. They beg the devil for another chance to keep from losing their souls. He instructs them to collect other souls, warning them that their souls will be taken if they fail. And that is where the player begins, battling bosses to collect souls and eventually face the devil’s debt. 

The game is fun, humorous, and has gained popularity. But the game isn’t finished yet. On June 30 of this year, a DLC will release for the game, with new levels and bosses and new characters, including a new playable character from the original Cuphead. According to the Nintendo announcement, you will also be able to play as Mugman right off the bat, even in one-player mode. There will also be tons of new animation and art within battles and bosses and fully animated cutscenes. The creators have put many fun and careful details into their latest DLC so that it can be even more enjoyable.  

  With all this new and exciting content, Nintendo and the creators could have charged a decent amount to buy the new DLC patch. But Nintendo has announced that the DLC will be available as a free patch for anyone who has previously owned the Cuphead game on any platform, including Steam and Xbox. So, Cuphead fans, get ready for a whole cupful of new content and another round of the first and most vital lesson of Cuphead: “Don’t deal with the devil.”