The question is: Bendy and the Dark Revival to be Released?


In 2018, the final chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine was released to the public. The game had gained a huge following over its five chapters, with its nostalgic cartoon style and dark-Disney vibes. The fandom was extremely excited when the creators announced the creation and release date of a second game, Bendy and the Dark Revival. At its peak, this game could have had more hype than Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. But, over the past 4 years, no release date has been set, promises have been broken, and it seems as if the fans have dispersed to other topics. But, as of early this year, news from the creator may mean it’s possible that Dark Revival may be coming out soon.

   In January, Joey Drew Studios took down their merch store. In its place, there was simply a message that read, “We will return when the dark revival begins.” Many fans are theorizing that this means the creators are close to finishing the game and are renovating the merch store for new Dark Revival merchandise. 

Another piece of evidence that Dark Revival may be coming out soon is several brand new screenshots of the game, as well as a tweet from one of the creators, TheMeatly. On the fifth anniversary of Bendy and the Ink Machine, TheMeatly released a screenshot along with a tweet reading, “Five years ago today, I unleashed Bendy onto the world… I wanted to do more for this special anniversary, but BATDR is 100% my focus right now. GETTING CLOSE!” This gives Bendy fans a lot of hope that the game may be released near the holidays of this year. 

Although there have been many broken promises when it comes to releases, the fans of this series are still hopeful, and looking forward to the brand-new interesting experience of Bendy and the Dark Revival, whenever it comes out.