Express Yourself

Sticker Style


Ayla Faullin

With your phone, notebooks, vehicle, and more, stickers are a fun and cheap way to express yourself. They are a great conversation starter and can help connect you to those with similar interests. Sometimes, however, finding stickers that suit your exact interest can be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. But there are easy and creative ways to design your stickers, even without a sticker machine. So, here’s how you can make your stickers in 5 easy steps.

Supplies needed: packaging tape, images, scissors, laminating paper. 

Step 1: Find pictures you want to make into stickers. This can be anything from family photos to cute anime to funny sayings. Or, if you’re feeling artsy, you can draw your images to turn into stickers! Once you have your pictures, print them out if necessary, and cut them into the exact size and shape you want them. You can leave a white line around them for a classic sticker feel or clip it to the edge. Your sticker design is up to you!

Step 2: Set out your laminating paper. The flatter you get, the better the sticker will turn out. Place your image on the laminating paper, and cut a strip of duct tape to cover your image completely. Make sure you place the video smoothly, without wrinkles, and leave room around the edges to cut. If necessary, place two tape strips to make sure it is completely covered.

Step 3: Cut your sticker out of the laminating paper. You can place more than one sticker at a time and cut multiple at once. Just be careful not to put them too close together. Once that’s done, peel off the back and place your sticker wherever you’d like! These stickers also don’t stick too hard, so you can put them on just about anything. 

It can take a little bit of practice to correct the stickers, but they’re fun to make. You can even make them with friends, as a fun activity together. No matter your interests, stickers are a fun, creative way to show off a little bit of who you are. Happy sticker-making!