You Shouldn’t Have Done That


Ayla Faullin

One of humanity’s favorite pastimes is telling stories, especially scary ones. Maybe to make reality seem less scary, maybe to frighten children into behaving. But with the dawn of the internet age, scary storytelling has become a lot more intense. Internet creepypasta is everywhere, from urban legends about specific locations to scary creatures to haunted video games. One of the most popular, most well-done internet creepypastas actually involves a Legend of Zelda game called Majora’s Mask. And that creepypasta is called Ben Drowned

It started with an internet user called Jadusable uploading some recorded gameplay of Majora’s Mask that was rather odd. Reversed music, strange unreadable dialogue, unexpected death, and various other glitches were present in the game. Jadusable told viewers he had purchased the unmarked game from a garage sale, and all was not right within the game. 

Majora’s Mask by itself is already a dark game, with young Link having to save the world from destruction, and many characters preparing for death. But in Jadusable’s copy, you begin to see another story underneath this one, and an entity by the name of Ben manipulating the game to his will. Ben often uses the haunting-looking Elegy of Emptiness figure to communicate with Jadusable within the game. As it turns out, Ben is the previous owner of the game, a young boy who drowned and now haunts players. Jadusable is met with Ben’s ominous message, over and over again: “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Jadusable tries to get rid of the game, but he slowly begins to lose his mind, seeing the Elegy of Emptiness everywhere he goes and feeling watched by Ben through all of his technology. He frantically tells the internet he is leaving everything to his roommate, and allegedly is gone, his YouTube channel left behind. 

The story was painted so realistically that it has managed to terrify generations of people for a long time. There may actually be another arc coming into play soon, so fans of the story are eagerly looking through the internet, trying to find more pieces of this scary puzzle. The videos are still on YouTube today, which you can check out here: Ben Drowned Series

Though the story most likely isn’t true, it may leave a good message behind. Be careful what you buy from strangers. If you’re going to end up with a haunted game cartridge, you might be better off buying games straight from the brand.