Onward October


Onward means to move forward to a position that is ahead in space or time. Onward is to move forward or to get ahead of something. What a better time to move forward in your life near the closing months of the year 2020? Moving on isn’t always an easy task to get done.  It’s a vast drag feeling your best days are behind you, and destructive storms are ahead, or the feeling that your best self is behind you and will never appear in your future. The feeling that the person you used to be, the passions you used to have, and the life you used to want for yourself is hopelessly gone and won’t come back ever again. There’s a reason you’re feeling that way; you aren’t moving forward. Instead, you focus on your past and try to redo those moments when all you need to do is let go and move onward. You’re not feeling yourself because you’re not yourself anymore. It would be best if you focused on whether you are not that person you used to be anymore. You are a new person, and we are always improving. Just because you aren’t the old you or don’t know the latest, you do not mean you are nobody. If there’s one thing you need to do first, it would be to stop thinking someone will come along and change your life for you. Quit waiting around and hoping; get out and do something about it!