CHS Fall Sports Overview

A quick look into CHS sports.

Aaron Garcia, Sports Writer

This year is filled with uncertainty. One uncertainty is Fall Sports and whether or not we will be able to play. Our community is strong and smart, and students have embraced mask-wearing as a means to an end. Through all the restrictions and guidelines that students must follow, we have also found a way to be active in the community.

Here’s a recap from the coaches. 


Mike Schartz, High School Football – The season is going well.  Two early losses and a big come from behind victory over Scott City have brought the team together. “I am having a blast being the head coach. There a “Good bunch of young men.” They have a team that is “triple H,” which means heart, hit, and hustle. We are now 4-2 on the season, 1-0 in the district. Our goals are to win the community and to win in week 10. Coach Schartz has been coaching football for about 32 years now. 


Kari Blattner, High School Cross Country “We are going on to week six and I couldn’t have asked for a better first year of coaching. The women have beat  #2 Scott City, #4 Southwestern Heights, and #5 Smokey Valley 3A teams in the state last week! The men are just as talented but have faced a little adversity with injuries. Once we get the pieces together on the men’s side, both the Lady Jays and Blue jays will be tough to beat at Conference and Regionals,” Coach Blattner said, “transitioning from being a college athlete to coaching was strange. Still, I’ve enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge with the team.” The Bluejays have set high expectations for Conference and Regionals. “My goal is to get everyone healthy and ready to roll by October 15th (Conference at Goodland).”


John Mowry, Lady Jays Golf- “We are having an excellent season.  We won our tournament, finished 2nd in three and 3rd place in one.  I enjoy working with individuals that want to work and improve their talents and skills. They have been to 6 meets so far.” Mr. Mowry expects to do well in the league and regionals, “both are some of the best competition we see,” he said.  “I believe we have a good chance of qualifying as a team for state and possibly place individually and team-wise if we go and play as we can.” No drama” is an excellent Lil’ motto to have when coaching a bunch of girls.  “We adhere to this very close and hold each other accountable,” said Mowry. Mr. Mowry has been a coach for about 41 years.


Franky Schmidt, Lady Jays Tennis-  “The season is going well! We have had a lot of medals earned by both our varsity and our Jr. Varsity teams. I think it is fun coaching the girl’s team, but it is somewhat stressful and tries to get all the girls the playing time. Just keeping track of all the players and their statistics is a big job. We have 10 JV meets, and 12 varsity meets this year.  I think our expectations are high for finishing the year strong. We still have a fully healthy team, and we should be able to compete at regionals. I have been coaching for about six years,” said Schmidt.


Ingrid Dumler, Lady Jays Volleyball, “We are off to a slow start in the W/L department, but the girls are working very hard and improving a great deal each week. The team has great camaraderie, and they are having lots of fun playing together.” I coach a great group of girls, and I love working with them. We’ve had 16 matches so far. I expect our girls to keep working very hard to come together and turn the season around.  They’ve been very competitive in many of the games that we’ve lost, so we need to learn to finish at the end of tight games. Their team saying is, “Together!”.  I’ve been coaching for six years in the school system.  I spent three years coaching junior high, and I’m in my 3rd year of coaching high school.”