Welcome to the Building

7th graders learn their way around.

Abby Osborn, news writer

The transition from grade school to Jr High can be a hectic and exciting time. Multiple seventh graders were interviewed about their first month in Jr. High and their experiences so far in a different environment.


What is it like being in a different building?


“I feel like I have more freedom.  I can sit where I want for lunch, play volleyball in the morning, and I don’t have to walk in a line in the hallway.” -Quinn Campbell.

“It is confusing where everything is at first, but it is so much nicer now.” -Taegan Eskam.


Do you like the Jr. High building better than the grade school?  Why or Why not?


“I do like high school more because I like how we get more freedom to do more things.” -Dax Smith.

“I like high school better because I like to play sports, and I have more freedom.” -Quinn Campbell.


What’s different about Seventh Grade?


“There are more options for books, and you see more friends during passing periods.” -Taegan Eskam.

“We get to do different classes every hour,” -Dax Smith.


Do you play sports, and if so, are you enjoying it?


“I am in football, and I love it. It is so fun, and I will definitely do more sports.” -Dax Smith.


Who do you go to if you need assistance? (i.e., teacher or upper-level students)


“I try to go to Mr. Dyke or Mrs. Stebens.” -Taegan Eskam

“I would ask my teacher or my parents and sometimes a classmate.” -Quinn Campbell.


What is your favorite part about being in Seventh Grade?


“My favorite part is having a different teacher for every subject and getting to move from class to class.” -Quinn Campbell.

“Going to lunch first, and going to practice every night.” -Taegan Eskam.

“My favorite part about being a seventh-grader is how we get to go to different classes every hour.” -Dax Smith.


It seems as though these seventh graders are enjoying this year and their lives in a different building. They are starting to feel more comfortable and branching out. They will make their mark in this school.