Everything You Need To Know About Fall Fashion Trends

Delani English, Feature/Entertainment Writer

Senior, Brayley Frazier modeling today’s fashion. (Delani English)

In 2020 a lot has changed; fashion is no exception. New trends and a few old ones are coming back with a new season right around the corner. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, cropped blazers are now in style. These are a great statement piece and can be worn on their own, with a solid colored bandeau or a tank top. Other items listed on Cosmo are sheer overlays and clothing with drawstring details. Sheer overlays are similar to cardigans but much cooler and will go with EVERYTHING! From a kami, skirt, and heels, to a bralette, mom jeans, and Dr. Martens, your outfit will look gorgeous no matter what. The last item is clothing with drawstring details. I will admit that I fell into this trend and, personally, I love it! The way the drawstrings cinch the shirt or dress and add fun, but minor detail to a clothing item is unique.

While clothes are interesting, fashion is not just a wardrobe but hair and jewelry as well. According to Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, in the jewelry department, some fun fall items are chains with charms and pearls. Now, I don’t know about you, but these jewelry choices give me straight Madonna vibes. Whether you choose to wear a chain and charm or pearl bracelet or necklace, these pieces will leave people wondering if you are dressing up or dressing down. Finally, are the most popular hair trends. Bustle reports that bobs, curtain bangs, baby bangs, and blunt cuts are in style this season. From somebody who has personally had some of these cuts, I suggest that you try them. Even if you are on the fence about them, do it! Your hair will always grow back if you decide you don’t like it, but who knows! You may have just found your new and forever hairstyle!