Duo Take 4th at Regionals

Ladies head to State

The Lady Jay Varsity Tennis team traveled to Scott City for Regionals, October 9 and 10.    Abby Osborn, Melody Carter, competed in singles matches.  Both girls made it past the first round but faced tough competition and fell in the second round.  Emily Acton and Taryn Jantz, double partners, also won the first round and lost in the second round.   The Goetz sisters, Elizabeth and Emily, took 4th in doubles, which won them their ticket to state.   This is the youngest sister, Emily’s first year playing tennis, but Senior Elizabeth has one more year of experience under her belt.  This winning duo will take their trip to state, Friday, the 16th, at compete The Riverside Tennis Center, in Wichita.

When asked to reflect on the year as coach, Frankey Schmidt said, “This year was different for the girls because they cut back on the number of participants who could actually go to state – in any other year we would have had all our girls going into the consolation bracket and would have had an opportunity to make it, however this year the girls had to make it through 3 rounds before they could cut going to state. We are confident that next year if things turn around and we don’t have to cut back, we will send more of our girls to compete at state.”




Elizabeth and Emily Goetz (Brandy Goetz)
Senior, Elizabeth Goetz serves to her opponent. (Brandy Goetz)