Columbus Day Farce?

However, a day off is nice.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus, a Spanish sailor, had aspirations of reaching India, where riches were in abundance. He, however, landed in the Americas. Indigenous people had already established civilization, but that didn’t stop Columbus from tearing it down. He thought indigenous people were inferior and had plans of slavery, theft, and mass genocide. “These people are very unskilled in arms… with 50 men they could all be subjected and made to do all that one wished,” said Columbus in a recovered diary.

With his crew’s help, Columbus did just that, bringing in diseases, stealing essential resources, and wiping out many indigenous island tribes; history books spoke of this time in history positively because he created the “new world.” Why is this man praised every year for his violent, selfish, and animalistic behaviors? In some states, they’ve recognized this cruel injustice and have denounced the holiday and celebrated the sacrifices and injustices that indigenous people faced. I don’t think we should remember Columbus as a great explorer, or anything grand, period. His horrific acts and horrible decisions that lead to colonization’s popularization should be the most crucial thing they remember about poor Christopher Columbus. Here is your challenge, when someone mentions Columbus as a positive historical figure, please educate those around you.

With this said, a day off is nice; maybe we need to rename the official holiday to something else.