Contract Tracing: What is it?

County Health Nurse, Rayna Maddox and Mrs. Wilson explain contract tracing

Briaunna Burkhart, news reporter

Briaunna from The Bluejay Post sat down with Rayna Maddox from the Gray County Health Department and Principal Mrs. Wilson to discuss the impact of contract tracing on the CHS students.

Briauna- What is contact tracing? –

Rayna Maddox- Contact tracing is a process we used to identify close contact of a positive case, and those close contacts would need to quarantine.


Briauna- What is the difference between contact tracing and case investigation?

 Rayna MaddoxCase investigation is when there is a positive case covid 19, and we determine what symptoms they have when they started showing symptoms of other health issues. Contact tracing is tracing back to see who was in close contact.

Briauna- What are some general reminders for students and the general public about staying safe and keeping others safe during the pandemic?

Rayna Maddox- Still recommending social distancing 6ft or more is essential, even though the county commissioners have not mandated masks still where one. If you are sick and don’t feel well, don’t go out in public—hand washing. Covering your coughs and sneezes with elbow or tissue is always helpful. Avoiding large crowds gives a bigger chance of catching it.

Briauna- Why does the school keep a record for contract tracing?- 

Mrs. Wilson- We keep a record of seating charts to know who has been in closer contact if/when we have a positive case amongst students. This is just to help in the safety of all of our students. Our goal is for everyone to be safe.


Briauna- What should a student or teacher do if they had been in contact with a confirmed case? 

Mrs. Wilson- They should contact our local Health Department for further instruction.


Briauna- Who would contact a student if they are involved in a contract tracing investigation? 

Mrs. Wilson-Either our local health department or KDHE. If/When we become aware, we will also help with the contacting if our local health department asks us to do so


Briauna- How would a student be contacted if they had been in contact with someone that got COViD?

Mrs. Wilson- Likely their parents would be contacted by phone to notify them.


Briauna- What does the school district have in place to track it? 

Mrs. Wilson- Students should be aware of who they are spending time with and for how long. We keep a record of seating charts in class for each class period. The guide we have been asked to go by is if we have a positive case to trace back who has been within 6 feet of that person for 10 minutes or more.