Empowered women, empower women.

If you’re unaware, the internet is taken over by the ‘Women Supporting Women” movement. Women post a black and white photo and tag more women. The challenge is to promote positivity and empowerment throughout the female community. You can tell if someone is participating if you see the hashtags #WomenSupportingWomen, #BlackAndWhiteChallenge, and #ChallengeAccepted. Many Celebrities have participated in the movement, with Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, and Kerry Washington all taking part in sharing a black and white photo of themselves. Lately, the female community has been at odds with each other, and femicide is occurring.

The definition of femicide is when women and girls are killed simply for being female. “One iteration of this black and white photo trend originated from women in Turkey who were responding to growing frustrations over gender violence and femicide.”, says oprahmag.com. Turkey had the highest rate, as 500 femicides alone happened in 2019. That number isn’t all of them, though. We have to take into account the unrecorded deaths. The movement started to remember our fallen sisters and bring awareness to the horrible tragedy occurring every day in a third world country. It isn’t easy to come up with ways to help people when you aren’t there, firsthand. There are ways to help in your community, though. Simple things like listening to other women, encouraging other women, Uplifting them by showing them that you’re there for them. In an interview with Miriam Rangel,  I asked how she supports her sisters. “I hype girls up. I tell them that they’re beautiful, and I try to keep a positive attitude towards everyone.” “Simple acts of kindness make all the difference.”  It’s important to do a friend check and make sure what you are allowing or promoting in your friendships is to raise each other, not walk into trouble together.  A positive friendship holds each other accountable rather than allowing bad choices to dominate in the friendship.