Second Chance Breakfast a huge success

Long lines can take time


Students in line for Second Chance Breakfast

Diego Portenier

This year Cimarron High School is offering two new meal-time options. The first addition to our meal options is the second chance of breakfast. Students can go down to the cafeteria between the second and third hours and grab breakfast if they don’t have time before school. The second chance breakfast has been so popular; the line spans out to the vending machines on some days. The students have ten minutes to get through the line and eat. They’re often scarfing down their food and getting back to class, so they don’t receive a tardy. The administration is working hard to find a solution to have second chance breakfast flow much better, so students don’t feel rushed to eat. 

  A lot of science backs the claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So the school offering a second chance for students to fuel their brains and bodies is pretty awesome.

The Bluejays have also introduced an After School Dinner option. Students who want dinner can request it in the morning and grab it after school. Both meals are free to students for the year and help those in need of a rush. The lunch ladies are very busy because of the new meal opportunities.  Take the time to thank them for their hard work.