Get in the Game

Console Wars

Get in the Game

Aaron Garcia

Console wars are real. It’s always a struggle to pick between what console is better.   Whether it be a PS4, an Xbox, or a PC.  Games improve throughout the years, and gamers are loving it. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of going home turning on their favorite console and playing with friends. This year Sony is releasing the PS5, and Microsoft released brand new consoles, Series X and Series S.  They both look promising and exciting. The big question is, which one will you get? They both are priced at about $500.

Sony and Microsoft have been competing for consumers for many years. Both companies always bring inventive projects to the table. It all depends on which platform you like best. Video games are significant to some people because it’s a way they escape from whatever troubles they may have, or people really like playing with the homies.  

If you are looking at purchasing a new console, buyer beware!  The Walmart website went down twice as PS5 orders go up.  People also rushed to order Sony’s next-gen console on their launch day, but their site also went down.