Netflix November Watch List

Delani English, Feature Writer

 I am back to give you the top ten films for November.  Many movies have been added to the Netflix watchlist  according to the website “For the Win.” 


  1. A Clock Work Orange

This movie came out in 1971, so it’s a bit on the old side.  It stars Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, and Adrienne Corri, “A Clock Work Orange” is a dystopian crime film based on the book by Anthony Burgess. In this film, you are watching a gang of troubled young men in the near future of Britain as they go about their crimes. In this crazy story, we see Alex, the gang leader, do horrible actions against many, get put into custody, and try to rehabilitate with the Ludovico Technique. 


WARNING- This film is for more mature audiences! 

 2. Easy A

Directed by Will Gluck, “Easy A” is also an older film, but more recently, it came out in 2010. This film follows a teenager named Olive (played by Emma Stone), who lies about going on a date and losing her virginity to get out of going on a trip with her best friend. But, when the devout Christian girl Marianne overhears her talking about it, the rumor slowly spreads throughout the school, and Olive officially gets named the school tramp. Instead of feeling bullied or ashamed, she embraces this new title by stitching a red “A” onto all of her clothes like in the book “The Scarlett Letter.” This drama-comedy gives you a deeper look into high school’s stereotype and will leave you feeling shocked and warm inside with the heartfelt ending. 

3.Fruitvale Station

“Fruitvale Station” is a 2013 Bibliographical film that tells the story of Oscar Howard the 3rd on the last day of his life before he was fatally shot. Throughout the movie, we follow Oscar as he argues with his girlfriend about his most recent infidelity, tries to get his job back at the grocery store, and even considers selling weed for money. He then goes to his mother’s birthday before jumping on a train to celebrate the New Year’s festivities in San Francisco. On his way back from there, the havoc began just from his former coworker shouting his name. However, this film’s especially unique is that the movie starts by showing real footage of Oscar getting detained or arrested by BART police in Oakland right before the shooting. 


4. Ocean’s 11

#3 of the Ocean series.  This movie follows Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan, two friends who plan a heist to gain $160 million. The couple plans to complete their goal by robbing three well known Las Vegas casinos owned by Tony Benedict, the current suitor of Danny’s ex-wife. Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts, “Oceans 11” will have you ready to plan your next hustle.

5. Platoon

Starring Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp, this motion picture, released in 1986, follows a US army volunteer, Chris Taylor, serving in the Vietnam war. While there Taylor, is sent out with Staff Sergeant Robert “Bob” Barnes, Elias, and Veteran soldiers on a planned overnight ambush of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Now, while that might sound exciting, the most interesting part of this movie is, in fact, not the film itself but the creator. Oliver Stone, the director, and writer of this masterpiece, based it on Vietnam’s experiences. “Platoon” also won the self-accomplishment of being the first movie directed and written by a veteran. If you like war movies, this one is for you. 


6. Whose Streets

Directed by Sabaah Folayan, “Whose Streets ” is a 2017 documentary about the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, a black man who was fatally shot by a 28-year-old Darren Wilson, a white police officer. This film also covers much of the Ferguson uprising, a series of protests against the police forces in America. This documentary is told through interviews with people who either lived it or took part in it. 

7. “Airplane.”

In this 1980’s parody film, we follow Ted Striker, a veteran and ex-fighter pilot with a drinking problem that books a flight to try to get back with his flight attendant girlfriend, Elaine Dickinson. However, when a meal is served on the flight and many people, including most of the crew, get food poisoning, Ted, Elaine, and Dr. Rumack must work together to land the plane safely. With verbal and physical gags, “Airplane!” It is a film that is sure to have you laughing out loud!  If you quote movies, this one is for you! 


8.“Back to the Future” Trilogy

And on the list again this month is the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Starring Michal J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson, “Back to the Future” is a film series for the ages. The movie follows seventeen-year-old Marty McFly as he gets sent back to 1955 and has to get his friend, Dr. Emmet Brown, to help him get back to the ‘80s. However, while in the past, Marty messes up his parent’s meeting and falling in love! So, he has to spend a week in the ’50s trying to fix his parent’s relationship, so the future doesn’t get altered before he’s out of time. Then, in the sequels, we are still following the same cast of characters, but in the ’50s (AGAIN!), 2015, and the Old West. 

9. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” 

Directed by P.J. Hogan, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is a 1997 romantic comedy that stars Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz. Julianne “Jules” Potter, who resides in New York City, flies out to Chicago to spend time with her best friend and secret crush, Michael O’Neal. However, this trip also involves meeting Michaels’s fiancé Kimmy. While she’s there, she sets up many schemes to try to break up the happy couple and cancel the wedding. However, when none of her schemes work and reveal her true feelings to Michael with a kiss, Kimmy, lurking in the shadows, sees them and drives away. So, the question is, who will Michael end up with Jules or Kimmy? This is a classic Romantic Comedy! 


10. Blue Ruin

This 2013 film fell in the thriller and horror categories and was directed by Jeremy Saulnier. While watching, we follow Dwight Evans, a man who lives out of his car and has to hunt for food and money. Then one day, a police officer informs Dwight that Wade Cleland, the man who murdered Dwight’s parents two decades ago, is about to be released from prison. Upon hearing this, Dwight follows the Cleland family as they pick up Wade and take him to their country club. It is here that Dwight fatally stabs Wade as an act of revenge. What direction will Dwight go in now? Will his fate be the same as his parents? Watch to find out!