Wednesday Will Be Remote Learning Run Through Day

Darbi Nash, reporter

On Wednesday, December 9th, the Cimarron student body, and staff will be going virtual. Remote learning is where the student and educator/informational source, in case we are not physically able to present in the traditional classroom environment. Students will meet with their educators from home on either Zoom or Google Meet. Meanwhile, teachers will be going to their classrooms instead of staying home and presenting from there. We are doing this “remote learning day” to practice and prepare if we go virtual. It will help students have the knowledge and understanding of the expectations of online learning. It also allows teachers to tweak and fix how they will go about teaching virtually. Each class will be different depending on the teacher IF we end up going virtual. Some teachers will be using Google Meet, while others will be using Zoom. It will just vary on how the teacher feels most comfortable connecting with their students.