Taking Down Wrestling’s Stigma

Wrestler shares insight

Layne Johnson, reporter

People underestimate wrestling at times. Some people think wrestling is just a bunch of guys grabbing other guys. People don’t understand how complex wrestling can be. Wrestling is one of the most challenging sports out there. If you are not mentally tough, then this sport is not for you. The physical training of your body is one of the hard parts of wrestling. Dieting is another challenging part of being a wrestler.

In wrestling, there are weight classes. So let’s say you weigh 134 pounds, and you are a sophomore. When you go to a wrestling meet, you will not be up against a 220-pound senior. You are in a weight class that is close to your weight. So if you were 134- pounds, you could cut weight to a 132-pound weight class or bump up to a 138-pound weight class. The more of your weight that is a muscle, the better advantage you have. You can be the most muscular guy in your weight class, but that doesn’t mean all that much. You would know no wrestling moves at all, and you could lose pretty fast.