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General Policy and Copyrights
The Bluejay Post is the on-line newspaper produced by the Cimarron High School Publications class.


The main purpose of the Bluejay Post is to entertain and inform the student body on topics of relevance at school, in the community, and the world. All writing in the Bluejay Post is copyrighted by the Post unless otherwise noted (such as student-submitted writing). U.S. Copyright Laws protect writing, and while the © symbol may not appear on all stories, assume that all rights are reserved by the Post and that no part of the documents contained herein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the Bluejay Post. While the adviser reads all copy to help students meet journalistic standards, the Editors make decisions about content to create an open public forum of ideas.


Editorial Leadership
The editorial staff is the decision-making body. Members include the editor(s)-in-chief,  photography/graphics editor(s) and section editors. The board meets weekly during class time, at a date determined at the beginning of the semester. The adviser or editors-in-chief may also call unscheduled meetings if special problems or issues arise. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory unless a valid excuse is provided. Members are subject to review by the editorial team if they fail to fulfill their duties. The team may dismiss a member with a majority vote, but the editors-in-chief may also dismiss an editor in consultation with the adviser. The adviser may disagree and make suggestions/comments or call into question the subject matter to protect against libel and obscenity concerns. Controversial subjects that arise are to be discussed among the staff to determine an appropriate course of action.

Letters and On-Line Commenting Policy
Users may comment on stories online. The newspaper adviser reserves the right to edit any comment for purposes of clarity or appropriateness (no profanity or language that could be construed as libelous or obscene or constituting advertising a product or service). Approval of comments for posting on the site lies with the adviser’s discretion.


User-Submitted Writing Guidelines
While students submitting writing to the Bluejay Post website retain the copyright to their writing, by submitting work to this site, writers grant permission to the Post to display the writing in any form, with edits, as the Post wishes. Should the writers wish for their writing to be removed from the site, they must contact the site administrator with explicit directions.


All writing should be proofread carefully and subject to further editing by the Bluejay Post staff and/or adviser. The student ID number should be included with writing, and students will be contacted to confirm that the writing is theirs and that they wish to publish their work. The Bluejay Post reserves the right to refuse publication of any material submitted by students that the Post deems inappropriate or not written to the publication’s standards. No anonymous submissions will be published.


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